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About Us

The History of St Nectans

St Nectans is a privately run home, registered with the Commission for Social Care Inspection and the East Sussex Care Homes Association. As an Approved Provider you can relax knowing you have chosen the very best in quality care when you choose St Nectans.

The philosophy of St Nectans is "Service and Quality without Compromise" and the comfort and health of each resident is our ultimate priority. This is reflected through the genuine warmth, dedication and experience of our highly trained management and staff. We aim to provide the highest standard of 24-hour care available. Residents are free to get up and go to bed as they please with our staff on hand, trained to treat all residents with the greatest respect and care.

We understand the concerns and initial anxiety of moving into a care home and are always there to listen, striving to make life easier for residents and their family. We are proud to be providers of a comfortable home with private single rooms. The policy of the home is to allow residents to bring with them their own personal effects, including furniture and pictures. The social opportunities, the home cooked wholesome nourishing food (catering for individual tastes), and the pleasant surroundings all contribute to encouraging a healthy and contented lifestyle.

The emphasis at St Nectans is to ensure that the quality of care and attention compliments the happy atmosphere to give you total peace of mind. We always remember it's your home. You may have visitors in your room at anytime during the day, and they are invited to enjoy complimentary refreshments whilst visiting.

Why the Waterfall?

Hidden away near Tintagel in North Cornwall, St Nectans Glen and Waterfall is a beautiful valley accessible on foot only.

This unique waterfall is 60 feet high and pours into the Glen itself. Often described as a site of spiritual significance, the Kieve has been a place of reverence, worship and healing since pre-Christian times.

People of many faiths have walked the ancient route to the waterfall to bathe in its mysterious and therapeutic atmosphere.