St Nectans short term stay care home

Short Term and Respite Care

We always welcome new residents, whether for long term, short term or respite care. Short term residents still benefit from our planned care programme, exercise club, organised outings and social activities to help provide a balanced quality of life.

A variety of social and therapeutic activities take place each week to give residents the opportunity to explore new interest and hobbies. The residents' meetings provide feedback on the menus and activities, which results in change where appropriate.

Why is Respite Care Important?

Caring for somebody can be a full-time job. And, like any job, you sometimes need to take a break.You may feel guilty or apprehensive about taking a break from the person you are looking after. However, it is important to remember that if you go too long without a proper break you may become ill, anxious or depressed, which can make life more difficult for you and the person you are caring for. Everyone deserves time out. Whether you care for a relative, are a professional carer, or are in need of respite care yourself. Taking a break from your usual routine can do wonders for you.

Many full-time carers of elderly people have asked us to take care of Mum or Dad while they take a break or holiday abroad. We are renowned for taking excellent care of loved ones left with us and they return year after year.

You can relax, knowing that your relative or friend is in a safe, welcoming environment with first class care tailored to their needs. A respite care stay with us gives many people the opportunity to experience the first rate service amongst friendly and welcoming staff and residents.

Respite care stays are always short term. Having said that, the relationships they build between the Home and residents gives great reassurance to all concerned, especially if a longer stay ever becomes necessary.

Respite care is also ideal for those who are well enough to leave hospital but not yet well enough to return home.

Raising the Standard of Care

We are raising the standard of care in a residential care home setting by providing the highest possible quality of life in Superior Accommodation. We operate a training programme to ensure that all staff attain at least an NVQ Level 2 in Care Management.

The standards at St Nectans are high at all times, not just when you visit. You will immediately notice the friendly and relaxed atmosphere really is like 'home', with no stuffy rules and regulations - only for staff!

St Nectans is everything you would expect from a Residential Care Home and much more besides.

On admission we will provide a written statement of terms under which accommodation is offered. We also welcome the opportunity to give residents a short trial stay.

Contact us today to arrange a visit or to discuss your short term care or respite care needs.

St Nectans Residential Care home in Bexhill-on-Sea offering elderly care.
St Nectans Residential Care home in Bexhill-on-Sea with immediate admission available.
St Nectans residential care home
St Nectans residential care home



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